Sell the property

Our philosophy :

Each project is unique and we are ready to help you with it.

Are you an owner of a luxury estate, who wants to sell it?

Carole Bourgade Luxury Real Estate Agency is at your service.
Contact us and we will schedule an appointment to discuss all the details and make an evaluation of your property.
If you wish to tell us about your project, you are welcome to fill in this form. We will process your information with all due seriousness, respect and honesty, taking into account the importance of confidentiality.

In order to increase the selling capacity of your property, we invite a professional photographer, who will depict your property in the best possible light. We will also take care of all the paperwork, required for putting your house up for sale.

What does the property evaluation consist if?

The property evaluation consists of many elements such as:

  • Property type (villa, apartment, mansion, etc.)
  • Localisation (city centre, luxury district, resort city, etc.)
  • Surface m2
  • Property condition (including eventual repairs necessity)
  • Market value

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