Do you want to successfully sell your prestigious real estate off-market?

A few mistakes not to make!

1- Set yourself a selling price linked to the acquisition price by adding the cost of the work carried out (everything depends on the year of acquisition and the year in which the work was carried out).

Please note: The reality of market prices/and sales made over the past year for an equivalent product must be taken into account.
You could sell your property within a period of up to several years, hoping that the real estate market will not fall.

A real estate professional specializing in the sale of prestigious properties will be fully qualified to estimate the value of your property: his daily life being to visit the properties offered on the market, he will therefore be able to perfectly assess the price of it. .
What can change a price: the address, the rarity, the quality of the materials, the services, the number of rooms, the garden, the swimming pool, the exhibition, the transport, the shops,…

2- talk about it to your close and friendly network.
It only takes a few days for the confidentiality of your property to no longer exist. The information will quickly become known to the general public.
Do not also minimize the damage caused by the speculation of the asking price.

3 - talk to all real estate agencies.
In fact, the information is no longer confidential and dangerous: all it takes is for a qualified client to call several agencies on the same day for them to realize that your property is known to everyone.

The specificity of the “off-market” approach will automatically be discredited.
The question that will also arise: who really owns the sales mandate?

The solution to optimize the chances of selling your “off-market” property in the best conditions.

1- Entrust an exclusive sales mandate for your property to a single real estate agency (with which you will determine the conditions: price, duration, inter-cabinet possibility, single intermediary, no distribution, etc.)

2- Give the agency all the mandatory and necessary information so that the agency can answer all the questions that would be asked by a potential buyer. (up-to-date technical diagnostics, plans, property tax, etc.)

Our advice:

Favor a single exclusive mandate for the sale of your prestigious or luxury property for the benefit of a single real estate agency.

The latter will then be able to choose the partner agency of their choice (co-exclusivity) in order to optimize the chances of selling your property under the best price and time conditions.

The distribution of the ad and photos of your property will thus be controlled by the agency holding the exclusive sales mandate.


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