Manage your property

Our philosophy :

We will help you evaluate your luxury property.

Property management

Are you an owner of a luxury property?

We value your time. Carole Bourgade Luxury Real Estate Agency offers you high-quality management of your luxury property.
Also to make your life even easier, you have a possibility to delegate all the milestones to the agency. We offer you personalised services, such financial and administrative management, and also services, related to the amelioration of your property condition.

Financial and administrative management

All the milestones, related to expenses and administrative obligations:

  • Selection of tenants and visits organisation
  • Preparation of the rental agreement and the property condition evaluation (both check-in and check-out)
  • Rent payment and payment certificates

Additional service

If you are going to do repairs, the agency can provide you with such assistance:

  • Help in selection of a construction team
  • Construction team booking
  • Repairs execution monitoring
  • Tax exemption

Property management

What can be better than just enjoying your property, not thinking of paperwork?

Delegating your property management to us, you will get rid of all the unnecessary hussle.

Administrative, financial and tax management

Thanks to our unique offer, you can delegate:

  • Personal housing management (guardian, gardener, cleaning lady, etc.)
  • Insurance management
  • Public services: gas, electricity, water, TV, Internet, boiler, heating, etc.
  • Repairs: estimation of the repairs cost, cost comparison, etc.
  • Tax exemption

Did you know, that to increase the rentability of your standard property, you can opt for «home-staging?» (link to the websites of our partners)

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