Le Bouscat

Le Bouscat is a commune, situated in the suburbs of Bordeaux, which has recently become a part of the city. (https://www.bordeaux-metropole.fr/).

In XIX Le Bouscat grows and the high-class people in Bordeaux come to settle here and to build beautiful mansions. Les bains-douches, built in 1930, are a special place, representing the Art-deco style.

One of the main advantages of Le Bouscat is its proximity with Bordeaux. Parc l’Ermitage with its greenery, stretching over 25 hectares is an outstanding place too. Here you can wander in a green labyrinth and enjoy the beauty of the rosarium. You can also enjoy the racecourse, opened in XIX, with three tracks. It can accommodate up to 1200 spectators.

Bruges is an active, innovative and attractive city. One of its current project is the launching of a new age multimedia centre. It will be situated in the Treulon, a historical architectural monument.

There is a variety of green spots here. For example, Marais de Bruges national park, stretching over 262 hectares. Here you can enjoy the flora and fauna, thanks to three observatories, where you can get following the paths, each 2,5 metres long. Besides this eco-friendly zone, there is one more place to mention: Bordeaux-Lac, a place with 3000m of beach and shadowy areas. You can try sailing or rowing here.

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