Jardin Public

The first garden was created in XVIII. It has been changing across the centuries. At first they wanted to give it a French look, in the middle of XIX they gave it an English look and later on it finally got the look we know today.

Stretching over 10,8 hectares in the city centre of Bordeaux, Jardin Public is known as the city’s lungs. Here you will find a large number of rare trees, some of them are more than 150 years old. Besides a unique arboretum, some garden elements are considered as historical monuments. All that let this place get a name «Outstanding Garden of France».

Walking through Jardin Public, you can easily reach Jardin Botanique, with its water reservoir and little paths, come across a traditional French carousel and the statues of Diane, Youth, Chimera and many others.

In one of the mansions, built In XVIII, you will find a museum of natural history. https://www.museum-bordeaux.fr/accueil