Earlier Cauderan was a small commune. In 1965 Jacques Chaban-Delmas, mayor of Bordeaux from 1947 to 1995, attached it to Bordeaux. Since then Cauderan became one of its most beautiful districts. For quite a long time they used to call it «Neuilly of Bordeaux». Moreover, it was considered as one of the most luxurious and high-class districts of the Girone capital.

Cauderan is a green district, ideal for life. Here we should mention Parc Bordelais ( This is the biggest park in Bordeaux, which stretches over a distance of 28 hectares. This surface was purchased to «give a piece of countryside to those who lack it». Wealthy landlords built mansions in it suburbs, each of them unique and beautiful. That added an eclectic touch to the district. (Art-deco, marine style, etc.)

Golf lovers will enjoy a golf field with 18 holes (

Open for players since 1900, it is one of five oldest golf fields in France.

Talking about culture and entertainment, you will certainly enjoy Pergola theatre, built in the art-deco style, which offers multiple cultural events: theatre, dance and concerts (

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