Castles and wine tourism

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Is to unveil life in the castle for you…

Life in the vineyards

Bordeaux and wine

Bordeaux and wine have been interconnected for many centuries. The first vineyards were planted in the first century. In the XII century, thanks to Garonne, they began to export wine to England. The commerce was developing across seas up to Holland. The winemaking was developing and Bordeaux was thriving.
The «gran-cru» term appeared in Bordeaux in the middle of the XII century. It identifies the category, related to the Bordeaux wine authenticity. This term is used to identify high-quality wines and determine their classification. Earlier there were 58 chateaux, but now there are 61 chateaux. Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Margaux, Château Petrus are some of the famous ones. Now thanks to different quality evaluation criteria, the biggest vineyards in France defend their territorial authenticity and make an emphasis on their unquestionable quality.

Life in a castle

Why don’t you move to a castle for a while? And maybe forever? You can become special guests of an unusual dwelling with unique history or the huge vineyard owners.
Living in a castle, overlooking endless vineyard fields. Isn’t it idyllic? It will certainly allow you to change the scenery.
Carole Bourgade and her teammates are ready to help you, taking your needs into account. They will help you make up your mind. Together we will find the property you need.